Stealth Media Startup

Stealth Media Startup – Case Study

Stealth Media Startup

This media startup aims to transform how the world’s leading brands engage with influential content creators to jointly craft a new media concept. As a leader in influencer enabled marketing that simply works, this stealth startup pioneered the concept of providing a one stop shop for leading brands and companies to:

  1. Identify social influencers and actors
  2. Select the content theme and messaging in User Generated Content (UGC)
  3. Produce, script, and film the media for distribution

    As an organization with big digital aspirations, the startups aims create an end to end marketplace that brings together the critical components into a single digital application that streamlines collaboration and operations for all of its constituents.

Stealth Media Startup + CloudKitect

With this broader vision in place, the Startup selected CloudKitect to be its digital infrastructure partner for its journey to deliver this new media concept to the market. The following technical requirements are critical to the initiative’s success.

  • Scale: Requiring an infrastructure that can scale to meet the needs of its many creators and its rich media portfolios, the startup turned to CloudKitect to ensure a reliable infrastructure that can handle its workloads.
  • Security: Given their relationships with marquee clients and the sensitive data and files that will be uploaded into the digital marketplace, the startup partnered with CloudKitect to provision a secure infrastructure to host its application.
  • Cost Efficiency: The company wanted to operate its digital application with a lean and efficient business model and they chose CloudKitect and our serverless design to ensure that infrastructure usage and associated costs were only incurred when needed.
Stealth Media StartupHead of Digital
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Both world class brands and social media influencers rely on us to provide exceptional service and value. Our partnership with CloudKitect will help us establish trust with our key constituents.

Yard Logs – Case Study

Yard Logs

Logistics is a large and growing industry, projected to reach nearly a trillion dollars in North America for 2023.  With the sheer number of fulfillment trucks going in and out of Distribution Centers to make their deliveries, Yard Logs identified a need for a digital app for warehouse security teams to keep track of the various fleets going in and out of their facilities, as well as logging important details to keep logistics humming along.

Yard Logs noticed that the critical role that software can play and what was done previously with pen and paper has been digitized by Yard Logs to enhance accuracy and security for warehouse operators in the US.

Yard Logs + CloudKitect

Yard Logs turned to CloudKitect to ensure two components:

  1. A robust infrastructure to support the growth and scale of their digital application.
  2. A hosting framework for their website to showcase the company to potential customers.

    CloudKitect’s ServerlessContainerApp component was used to set up a high-grade infrastructure, enabling Docker containers using AWS ECS and Fargate. For Yard Logs user-friendly and intuitive website, CloudKitect’s CPWebsite component was deployed as the frontend hosting platform.

Results With CloudKitect

  • Yard Logs reduced their infrastructure costs by 80% by provisioning and maintaining their infrastructure with CloudKitect.
  • Yard Logs was able to provision the infrastructure for their digital application with CloudKitect in less than a week.
  • Yard Logs application uptime has been 99.99% since adoption of CloudKitect
AbrunOwner, Yard Logs
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I knew Yard Logs could provide value if we scaled. CloudKitect was the partner we needed to prepare our infrastructure for now and tomorrow.

MyBizWorkflow Case Study


MyBizWorkflow revolutionizes business processes, replacing error-prone spreadsheets and emails with a user-friendly Business Process Management Platform. This platform empowers anyone in the company to digitize tasks into a simple workflow, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

They achieve this with no-code and low-code development tools, allowing customization to suit each customer’s unique needs. Additionally, MyBizWorkflow offers analytics for customers to drive continuous optimization.

MyBizWorkflow + CloudKitect

MyBizWorkflow turned to CloudKitect to ensure that their application can be supported by a robust infrastructure that meets all of their technical and business requirements.

  • Scale: CloudKitect’s infrastructure scaled effortlessly to accommodate the growing number of workflows created
  • Security: With sensitive data involved in many of the digitized workflows, CloudKitect ensured that robust security measures are in place.
  • Enhancements: With CloudKitect, MyBizWorkflow can stay up-to-date with the latest AWS features and adapt to evolving customer needs.
  • Cost Savings: By optimizing resource allocation and utilizing serverless architectures, CloudKitect helps MyBizWorkflow achieve up to 80% savings on AWS expenses.

CloudKitect Patterns

  • MyBizWorkflow was able to provision the infrastructure for their Business Process Management Platform with CloudKitect in 3 days.

    The infrastructure provisioned by CloudKitect was able to support the computing needs of over 2000 workflows created in the platform.

    MyBizWorkflow’s developer teams were able to create and release 40% more features per quarter by using CloudKitect’s patterns.

    By utilizing CloudKitect for infrastructure provisioning, MyBizWorkflow bypassed almost 6 months of research, design, and automation efforts, accelerating their product’s time-to-market.
Vasim CEO, MyBizWorkflow
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CloudKitect has truly been a game-changer for us, it has made AWS infrastructure an absolute breeze. It has saved us a significant amount of time and resources. I highly recommend CloudKitect.