MyBizWorkflow revolutionizes business processes, replacing error-prone spreadsheets and emails with a user-friendly Business Process Management Platform. This platform empowers anyone in the company to digitize tasks into a simple workflow, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

They achieve this with no-code and low-code development tools, allowing customization to suit each customer’s unique needs. Additionally, MyBizWorkflow offers analytics for customers to drive continuous optimization.

MyBizWorkflow + CloudKitect

MyBizWorkflow turned to CloudKitect to ensure that their application can be supported by a robust infrastructure that meets all of their technical and business requirements.

  • Scale: CloudKitect’s infrastructure scaled effortlessly to accommodate the growing number of workflows created
  • Security: With sensitive data involved in many of the digitized workflows, CloudKitect ensured that robust security measures are in place.
  • Enhancements: With CloudKitect, MyBizWorkflow can stay up-to-date with the latest AWS features and adapt to evolving customer needs.
  • Cost Savings: By optimizing resource allocation and utilizing serverless architectures, CloudKitect helps MyBizWorkflow achieve up to 80% savings on AWS expenses.

CloudKitect Patterns

  • MyBizWorkflow was able to provision the infrastructure for their Business Process Management Platform with CloudKitect in 3 days.

    The infrastructure provisioned by CloudKitect was able to support the computing needs of over 2000 workflows created in the platform.

    MyBizWorkflow’s developer teams were able to create and release 40% more features per quarter by using CloudKitect’s patterns.

    By utilizing CloudKitect for infrastructure provisioning, MyBizWorkflow bypassed almost 6 months of research, design, and automation efforts, accelerating their product’s time-to-market.
Vasim CEO, MyBizWorkflow
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CloudKitect has truly been a game-changer for us, it has made AWS infrastructure an absolute breeze. It has saved us a significant amount of time and resources. I highly recommend CloudKitect.
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