Yard Logs

Logistics is a large and growing industry, projected to reach nearly a trillion dollars in North America for 2023.  With the sheer number of fulfillment trucks going in and out of Distribution Centers to make their deliveries, Yard Logs identified a need for a digital app for warehouse security teams to keep track of the various fleets going in and out of their facilities, as well as logging important details to keep logistics humming along.

Yard Logs noticed that the critical role that software can play and what was done previously with pen and paper has been digitized by Yard Logs to enhance accuracy and security for warehouse operators in the US.

Yard Logs + CloudKitect

Yard Logs turned to CloudKitect to ensure two components:

  1. A robust infrastructure to support the growth and scale of their digital application.
  2. A hosting framework for their website to showcase the company to potential customers.

    CloudKitect’s ServerlessContainerApp component was used to set up a high-grade infrastructure, enabling Docker containers using AWS ECS and Fargate. For Yard Logs user-friendly and intuitive website, CloudKitect’s CPWebsite component was deployed as the frontend hosting platform.

Results With CloudKitect

  • Yard Logs reduced their infrastructure costs by 80% by provisioning and maintaining their infrastructure with CloudKitect.
  • Yard Logs was able to provision the infrastructure for their digital application with CloudKitect in less than a week.
  • Yard Logs application uptime has been 99.99% since adoption of CloudKitect
AbrunOwner, Yard Logs
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I knew Yard Logs could provide value if we scaled. CloudKitect was the partner we needed to prepare our infrastructure for now and tomorrow.
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