09 - Boosting Developer Efficiency with CloudKitect

Boosting Developer Efficiency with CloudKitect



Efficiency in shipping code is paramount to staying on top of customer expectations and staying ahead of the competition.  There are many ways to be an efficient developer, some of which are under your control, and some that are not. Assuming that a developer adheres to best practices to manage his or her own efficiency, here at CloudKitect, we focus on providing products to address areas that may not be under a developer’s control, but are nonetheless large contributors to their efficiency.


Experienced developers want to reduce the learning curve as much as possible.  The goal is to not learn an entirely new way to develop, but to ship great code that improves the product and customer experience.  CloudKitect’s product is built with the developer in mind and our solution is built by enhancing AWS CDK, which accommodates several widely used programming languages such Javascript, Python, .NET, and Java–providing developers the familiarity they need to avoid a whole new learning curve and start coding right away with their favorite programming languages.

Turnkey Infrastructure 

No application is built in isolation and critical elements of the application’s requirements, such as processing, storage, and security, are contingent on the digital infrastructure working well with the app. The developer needs to collaborate with their designated Cloud Architect to identify the key components of the infrastructure and the integration between them–in many cases, this ends up being a large project that requires a large amount of Research, Design, and Testing to ensure optimal usage of cloud infrastructure.  At CloudKitect, we focus on providing Developers a turnkey infrastructure that is scalable, secure, and is ready to be deployed and avoid the work and rework that they would need to do with a Cloud Architect to ensure the application and infrastructure can work as one.

Seamless CI/CD

In today’s Software as a Service (SaaS) environment, it’s not just about the application that you have now, but will also deliver in the future.  Developers tasked with delivering an enhanced application in the future traditionally collaborated with their DevOps counterparts to automate the process of building, testing, and deploying software.  At CloudKitect, our CI/CD pipelines are readily built into our solution and allows developers to deliver updates more frequently and consistently–without engaging with the DevOps team.  Developers can build new code and be confident that it will be compatible with their existing infrastructure, drastically reducing the time they need with DevOps to ensure their new code will operate as intended.

Security & Compliance

For an application to be market ready in many regulated industries, the developer needs to ensure that their code is not riddled with security flaws that cause leaks or theft of sensitive information. For example, if the application handles any credit card information, it would need to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI/DSS), but what about the infrastructure that supports the application?  After all, the flow of data from the application to the servers, database, and website are just as critical in ensuring the security and compliance of the customer experience.  For developers seeking to be efficient, an infrastructure provisioned with CoudKitect avoids the second guessing of whether the infrastructure will undermine the security of their application.


Developer efficiency is a critical aspect of modern software development, but a developer can only do so much to streamline their own workflow–he/she also needs the support and collaboration of cross-functional team members, specifically the Cloud Architect and DevOps teams, to ensure their application performs as intended.  Traditionally, this led to many time consuming projects that limited efficiency and led to a lot of frustrations.  At CloudKitect, we have productized the role of a Cloud Architect and DevOps to empower the developers to code with greater independence, confidence, and efficiency.

10 - Navigating the Cloud with Compliance_ Why It’s More Crucial Than Ever

Navigating the Cloud with Compliance: Why It’s More Crucial Than Ever



In today’s digital age, where businesses are accelerating their move to the cloud, there’s an essential factor that can’t be overlooked: compliance. With standards like PCI, NIST 800, CIS, HIPAA, and many others emerging as industry benchmarks, ensuring compliance is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity.

The AWS Default Dilemma

AWS, one of the leading cloud service providers, is designed with an expansive and flexible approach. Its defaults are built for versatility to cater to a wide variety of user needs. However, while AWS defaults are fantastic for simpler workloads, they don’t always come pre-configured to meet various compliance requirements of complex applications. Why is this? It’s because AWS aims to be a broad canvas, allowing businesses to paint their unique operational models.

Yet, as more and more workloads seek robust security through compliance adherence, there arises a challenge. Organizations often find themselves needing experienced cloud architects. These architects are not just versed in the nuances of AWS and its plethora of services but are also have extensive knowledge of various compliance standards. They dive deep, configuring services to meet these standards, and subsequently rigorously test them for compliance—a task that is undeniably time-consuming and intricate.

Enter CloudKitect: Your Compliance Compass in the Cloud

This is where the brilliance of CloudKitect shines through. Imagine not having to traverse the difficulties of achieving compliance alone. CloudKitect has already undertaken the task of ensuring each service aligns with diverse standards such as PCI, NIST, CIS, and more. In doing so, it provides organizations with a clear roadmap to adherence without the typical headaches.

What does this mean for your teams? Empowerment. With CloudKitect, even teams that aren’t compliance specialists can build enterprise-grade infrastructures that resonate with the highest standards.

The CloudKitect Advantage

By using CloudKitect components and patterns to build your infrastructures in the cloud, you’re not just adding another tool to your digital arsenal; you’re hiring an architect. Our solutions pave the way, saving invaluable time and resources, ensuring that your journey to cloud compliance isn’t filled with pitfalls but is a streamlined, effective process.


In an era where data breaches are commonplace and the protection of digital assets is paramount, compliance isn’t just about ticking boxes. It’s about instilling trust, maintaining reputation, and ensuring the safety of both businesses and their clientele. With CloudKitect, that journey becomes less about navigating complex terrains and more about strategic progression. Ready to fast track your compliant journey in the cloud? CloudKitect is here to guide the way.